Fall 2017 FIU Global First Year Academic Survey
Please respond to the following questions as they best apply to you at this time. This information will be used to better understand the backgrounds and beliefs of Global First Year students this semester.
What was the total number of schools you applied to for undergraduate admission? *
Was FIU Global First Year your : *
What are your reasons for attending a U.S. University? *
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What is the highest academic degree you intend to earn in the future? *
How does your current major match your personal and professional interests? *
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Are you concerned about your ability to finance your college education? *
What is the highest level of your education either of your parents has completed? *
When classes are in session how many hours per week do you plan to spend studying and/or doing homework? *Note: The university recommendation is two hours of work outside of the classroom for every hour inside the classroom* *
How often during the semester do you expect to do each of the following: *
Almost Always
Use the library to study
Prepare for tests and assignments by attending your professors’ office hours
Use email to communicate with an instructor
Complete all classwork on time
Ask questions in class or contribute to class discussions
Ask for assignment feedback from your professors
Use the Center for Excellence in Writing to improve writing or Center for Academic Success to attend tutoring
Exercise or participate in physical fitness activities
Read each statement carefully and select the answer the best describes how you think about yourself right now. *
Definitely true
Somewhat True
Not true
Right now I see myself as successful
At this time, I am meeting the goals that I have set for myself
I am able to meet the demands and requirements of college
I can adjust to college life
What is the likelihood you will: *
Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Change your major or career choice
Participate in university activities
Make at least a "B" average
Socialize with people of different cultures and/or backgrounds
What do you like to do in your free time? *
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Please rate the importance of discussing the following educational planning and related issues with your Academic Advisor or the Academic Team: *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Selecting and exploring a major
Poor grades or difficulty in class
Finding Tutoring
Please rate the importance of discussing the following educational planning and related issues with your College Life Coach: *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Personal Problems
Financial Issues
Exploring connections between educational and career goals
Please enter your Panther ID *
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