You and Your Dream Home
This is a first questionnaire to get some information about you and your home.
It is divided into three parts 1.Descripion of your home 2. Your planning and budget 3. You and your renovation
It will take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete it.
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1. Brief Descripion of the Property
Address of the Property
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Year of Construction
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This Property is
Describe in a few sentences what you have in mind for the renovation
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Do you have any documentation you can send me (photos, real estate agency description, plans)? If so send them to
The electrical installation is:
The heating system:
If your property is a house, the roof:
How many bathrooms and toilets are there?
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What is the state of bathrooms, toilets and kitchen?
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2. Planning & Budget of the Works
Where are you in your buying process: *
Ideally you would like to start the works in: *
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Ideally you would like the works to be finished by: *
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I have a certain flexibility in these dates
Can you provide a rough estimate of your available budget? *
What is your approach when it comes to budget
3. You and your Your Renovation
Can you provide a brief description of who you are?
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Why are you buying this property:
If it is a home for you, who else will be living there?
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If it is a home to rent: do you have a "target client"?
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Have you renovated before?
If you have renovated before, can you briefly describe your renovation experience?
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If have renovated before, is there something you want to avoid?
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If haven't renovated before, can you tell me what you want to avoid?
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Imagine we decide to work together and imagine we were meeting at the end of the renovation: what has to have happened for you to be absolutely delighted with the outcome and with the process? *
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How did you find out about me? *
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What appeals to you in working with me?
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