Winter Acting Camp 2019
Welcome to what will be the best 5 days of your life! Big Claim? Yep, but we have run so many of these since 1999, and everyone always says this at the end, so we are confident. We have been bringing like-minded, creative teens together in a safe, supportive and exciting environment for nearly 20 years. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO EXPERIENCE THIS MIND-BLOWING EVENT. Not your first Camp? Great!!! you get to be the ones who help set the culture - to ensure it always remains as awesome as the first camp.
Simply fill the form out and pay your deposit online. We will send you a welcome pack with all the details and what to bring prior to camp.
This Camp Improvisation is Western Themed. So get ready to step back in time to the Wild Wild West. More information about your character and the Improv will be sent to you when you enrol.

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