Letter to your Boss: Oregon EdTech Cadre Recognition
We would like to honor you for your commitment to the Oregon Ed Tech Professional Development Cadre. It is important to ODE and the Cadre that your boss is aware of your hard work and commitment you have made and possibly engage them in technology rich integration discussions. At the least, we want them to know what you are doing to make an impact on digital teaching and learning in your district and as you network with other educators across the state. We will send a letter to your boss at the conclusion of the Cadre. Please provide us with contact information and any special notes that you would like us to share. Thank you.
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What would you want to tell your boss about your participation in Cadre? Is there something you have done with what you have learned at Cadre that you would like us to share? (This will be added to the letter we send to your boss). *
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