DCYA Young Adult Survey
The DCYA Team will be meeting the end of January to pray and discern how to better serve young adults (YA) here in the Dayton area. Before we meet we would love to hear from you with how we can better serve you! Please fill out this quick (5 minutes!) survey to help us out!

Responses will be anonymous.

What life stage do you identify in? *
What gender are you? *
What parts of Dayton do you spend your free time in? *
Briefly describe how you spend your expendable income (intramural sports or games, concerts, movies, food, craft beer, etc.) ? *
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What is the hardest thing about being a young adult in your life stage? *
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What opportunities are you looking for here in Dayton that DCYA could potentially provide? *
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If you could tell one thing to a priest, your parish community, or the Church in general about being a young adult what would it be? *
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What's your greatest joy about being a young adult? *
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