LifeGroup Idea Form (2017/2018)
Thank you for your interest in leading a LifeGroup this year. Our LifeGroups are based on a Semester System, consisting of three semesters: Fall (10wks), Winter (12 wks) & Spring (8-12 wks). This means three times a year we will have an opportunity for people to start new groups, change groups, and join in on the Group experience. Your step of faith to lead a group is both a part of your own personal growth, but also the growth of others and the building of the Kingdom of God in making disciples.

Please complete with as much detail as you can, but don't feel like things can't change once you've submitted this form. This is a stepping stone and is meant to get us thinking about our LifeGroups. Thanks

What is a LifeGroup?
Small gatherings of followers of Christ meeting on their own, facilitated by a leader, are not a new phenomenon. In fact, in the first few hundred years of the church, these kinds of groups were pretty much the only way to experience church. Luke describes this type of group in Acts 2:42-47, and throughout years of church history, the value of these groups hasn’t changed. At our church we want to have the same healthy, independently functioning, leader-facilitated, small groups of people that Luke wrote about over 2,000 years ago. We call them LifeGroups.

You’ll find a combination of three elements present in any healthy LifeGroup.
• Relationships – Meaningful relationships develop, and the group figures out how to support and take care of each other.
• Growth – All individuals grow…to be more of who God made them to be. This occurs as a result of being around each other in the group.
• Community Change – Groups influence their community by taking it upon themselves to bring about restoration and nurture long-term relationships that develop others.

A LifeGroup are formed around a passion or common interests such as cars, sports, food, books, Bible Study, coffee etc. with the intention to encourage one another by being together. Our goals is that LifeGroups will help each of us to identify what our next step is and walk with each other in making that step of faith...maybe it's starting a relationship with Jesus, or getting baptized, starting a group of their own or finding a place to serve. As a leader, the responsibility for someone in your group to change is not yours. Rather, it's to bring people together and encourage one another in taking their next step in their walk with God.

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Tip: What will relationships look like in your group? How do you hope to see people grow because of your group? How will the community be impacted because of your group?
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Describe the demographic you aim to target with your group. (The demographic could just be those that are interested in a particular topic, type of service, or specific interest or it could be based on stage of life) Also, keep in mind that diversity in groups is a good thing!
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Will you use a book, a video series (RightNow Media), Bible Study, or life questions?
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You have access to an online Video Bible Study Library through RightNow Media. If you don't yet have access to this please check below and we'll get you set up. *
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I understand that my group is open for people to sign up and I will be responsible to respond to inquiries/registrations in a timely manner. *
Pastor Mike would like to meet with you for 20-30 minutes about your group. The Best time to meet with Pastor Mike about my group is (office 401 Trinity Lane):
Inviting people to your group!
We do promote our groups on our website which does attract some registrations, however the best way to fill a group is by your personal invitation. We encourage you to spend some time in our foyer's between the Sunday morning services meeting and making invitations for people to join your LifeGroup.
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