Terms & Conditions for Working With FrotBanks
When you choose to work with us, you should be aware of it involving a risk. Accepting these terms and conditions means you acknowledge the risks and are willing to deal with us still.

As you may already know, this is an interactive review of the terms and conditions of working with FrotBanks, and is managed by me the Founder of FrotBanks. I am Francis Bestman Isugu, a financial improvement specialist, author and entrepreneurial capital management consultant.

I am seeking a new opportunity where my solutions can bring about definite and measurable financial improvements that are greatly in excess of the amount I charge to provide my solutions.

I believe you could be among the so many businesses whose problems costs so much that the cost of my solution will only be a fraction of the potential financial benefit you will receive by purchasing my services.

My services are only the means to the end - the goal of financial improvement for you and your business.

So, to know whether you're the right person or business for my solutions, I will love to ask you a few questions here, if you don't mind.

Afterwards, you could answer the questions I would also ask you when you launch this self-scanning application for you and your business here: https://forms.gle/FUipLCNRqC5pBtFm9
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Thanks for your time and kind gesture. These Questions will help us know exactly how much amount of money you stand to gain or save, where it is proven that you're the right person or business for my solutions... Shall we proceed now? *
That's thoughtful of you, knowing that; from these questions, we could elicit the results, benefits and outcomes you will enjoy, if you implement my solution to the problems I could detect from your answers to the first question: 1. What are your main business goals today, and what is holding you back from achieving them? *
Let's make it a bit clearer for us to understand. 2. What is or are the biggest problems that you are dealing with in today's market, affecting you and your business?
Okay, we are making progress here. Let's move it a step further. 3. How much does it cost you or your business when that problem occurs?
Let's make it clearer once again. 4. What are the additional costs to yourself and your business if and when that problem persists?
Sorry for the delay in getting the T&C review started, and thank you so much for your time. I know you are a very busy person. And to help you understand what my solutions are all about, I wish to state that I really do care so much about helping you achieve your goals, especially for capital raise, capital investment and capital management, or to access credit facilities, for anything and even for the slightest item or problem you could need credit to attend to, for business, family, or personal interest, urgently or regularly. The above responses to my questions will enable me to really understand your situation in order to find out very quick, easy, practical, realistic and most cost-effective ways to help you achieve your goals, and meet some vital needs, or solve some key problems for you. Well, my focus is on helping you to improve your life or business, and that's why I want you to review these T&C here, because I am ready to help you immediately. Moreover, it remains my pleasure to work for you, personally, and to help you through my professional support, on my financial service platform known as FrotBanks (FDAD Financials). You will eventually Discover FrotBanks (FDAD Financials) -- to be the quickest route to get to me, as your nearest capital raise, investment, management and financial services consultant. Now proceed to review the T&C here, concerning your long or short term goals and needs for capital raise, capital investment, and credit access. Based on your review, I will attend to your biggest financing challenges and help you raise capital for any size of projects, contracts or business plan you might have. I am poised on absolute dedication and utmost care to provide you customized, tailored, befitting, beneficial and made-to-fit financing & income growth opportunities. Are you ready to review the Terms and Conditions now? *
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