Puneri Thaska Official Whatsapp Group- USA

★You can be a part of only 1 whatsapp group.
★Direct Promotions on whatsapp are allowed on wednesday only.
You can send links and images.
1 promotional post per wednesday.
★Every 20th of the month Members can introduce themselves in the group. Your personal pictures can be shared.
★Strictly No forwards, jokes,good morning, good night, looong awareness messages, social cause messages, spreading messages for friends or videos, or images. No wishing for festivals in images or text. . Please stick only to conversations and to the point topics.
★Don't change numbers after joining the group's. You will be removed. If you need to change numbers follow the procedure with new numbers on 15th of every month. You need to leave the group from your old number.
★ The purpose of Whatsapp groups is to promote interactions and bonding of members staying in same localities..
★Do not add members to any broadcasting list or your whatsapp group. Please respect each others privacy.Members should report any such Incidents to the admin in the whatsapp group.Offenders will be removed without a warning.
★No sharing numbers of members to others without asking them. Privacy and safety are important to us. If you are here, we assume you agree to it. We expect you to follow it.
★Replies to enquiries are allowed everyday.
★Please be polite. No display of Rude behaviour and bad language. If any members get into a fight we will remove the fighting parties from the group till they sort it out.
★Promoting other groups functioning on any social media platform in anyway is not allowed. Please avoid Any content conflicting with the interest of the group's vision and direction. We do so to safeguard our efforts to make Puneri Thaska a unique and spam free platform.

★Rules are subject to change .Admins reserve the rights. Admins are not answerable for any decision made in the favour of the group.
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