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Hey there Captain!

We want to thank you for your interest in this game. With filling in this quick questionnaire, you will be signed up for a steam key for our beta build once it will become available.

Thanks again, and good luck on your upcoming space journey!

Yours Sincerely,

Double Door Games

NOTE: Since we are limited in the amount of keys we can give away, the more questions you answer, the bigger your chance will be to get a key to our beta.
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Via this we can send you the steam key. Please double check to see if you don't make any type errors.
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Mandatory as by EUROPEAN LAW FOR EUROPEAN DATA GATHERING INFORMATION - Data will be gathered about your game statistics and playtime, to allow us to balance and improve the game play.- Device statistics will be gathered to find issues on specific devices and to improve the performance.- Crash reports/logs, including your device info, will help us solve critical issues.- Data you provide in feedback forms or bug reports will be stored so our developers can improve the game. Please note that all your data will be gathered and stored anonymously.
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