dB-SERC lunch workshop
Topic: Increasing Interactivity in STEM Classrooms
When: Thursday, October 25 from 11 - 1 pm
Where: O'Hara Student Center
Who: Dean Zollman (Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education & Department of Physics, Kansas State University)

While discipline based education research has provided evidence for many different ways to increase the effectiveness of our students’ learning, one particular finding permeates almost all of the results. Students need to be involved actively in the learning process. While this statement seems simple, in practice it can be difficult to implement, particularly in large classes, in rooms with fixed seats, or with students who expect you to lecture. Sometimes, we cannot implement a fully interactive class, but frequently we can find some way to increase the level of student involvement. We will look at a couple of situations and try to devise some way to increase the interactivity. If you have a particular situation that you would like to investigate, please send me, in advance, information about the class, the subject matter and anything else that you think is relevant.
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