On God's Time, In God's Care
The Culture of Life Ministry has crafted a Spiritual Advocacy Program enlisting parishioners to pray for a person who may be considering ending their own life. In conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day, we are asking you to commit to praying daily for a specific person who may be tempted to commit suicide. You may not actually know the person in need of prayer but God knows. We then trust in God’s love and mercy to answer our prayers for the person to whom God has led us to pray. However, it is possible that you may in fact know a person at risk and your prayers could be said for them. When reciting the daily prayer, we suggest that you use that person’s name or give a name to an unknown person so as you pray you will be reminded of their individual dignity and value.
Pledge: I/we commit to praying daily for the next 6 months for a despairing person in danger of committing suicide. At the end of that time and as my heart is moved, I may choose to continue praying for this person or begin anew for another person in need. *
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