Music Staff Application Spring 2020
***This application is due Tuesday, September 15th @ 11:59 PM! ***

Thank you for your interest in Music Staff!

The role of music staff in WVAU is CRUCIAL. You will be part of WVAU's music evaluation process, reviewing new albums that we receive weekly from promotional companies and record labels. If you deem them worthy, they then become part of our rack of required music. Your reviews will help DJs decide which rack spins to play; they are extremely important.

If you have a passion for music, you are strongly encouraged to apply. This position is an incredible experience and (in our opinion) the best way to get involved with the station beyond the DJ level. You will be an essential part of our system of music promotion, and you will learn about new music at an incredible rate. You will also get the opportunity to flex your creative muscle as you will be writing several reviews per week.

Here are the job requirements:
-Screening albums the station receives from labels and promo companies.
-Skilled levels of writing/grammar/format
-Putting music on the rack for DJs to play on their shows!
-Writing one 300-500 word review of any album on the rack once a month to be published on the WVAU website

We look forward to reviewing your application!

Jalen + Mary
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What takes up your time on and off campus? List all volunteering, clubs, jobs, internships etc. If none of these apply (or you just want to share), tell us something you like to do in your free time. It can be a sport, hobby, activity, anything! *
Tell us one recently released album that you loved and name three all-time favorites -- we’re not judging you, we just want to know what you’re well versed in! *
Why do you want to be on Music Staff? And why should we choose you for our staff? *
Please read the example below:
Museum Mouth- Alex I Am Nothing (Self Aware Records)
Lo-fi punk rock garage romance
Anticipate what you will of an album that opens with “I remember the first time I saw you/ I knew you’d be important” but ends with “you find something you like/ and then you move on with your life.” ...So listen through “Handsome and Boring” (an amazing ode to Joyce Manor’s “Constant Headache,”) fall for “Alex Impulse,” and ultimately end the album with some “Saltwater” tears- because you needed to be reminded of your last breakup.
-Barbara Martinez
RIYL: Spook Houses, Krill, Flashlights
Recommended: 1, 4, 5, 11
Now, show us your reviewing abilities! Pick one of your favorite albums from the past year and write a short review (120-150 words). Please include a “slug” (a quick sentence that summarizes the album, "RIYL" (Recommended If You Like these other artists,) and "Recommended" (your favorite tracks.) *
If you have and would like to share any music-related account you have (Spotify, Apple Music, Last.FM, etc) or additional examples of your reviews, please link them here
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