Spring Clinic/Schooling Event
Event Timing: Birds Hill Park, Manitoba, Rings 2-3
Entry Deadline: April 30
Rider *
Be sure to READ the COMPLETE GUIDELINES that can be found at http://www.ccrha.com/shows.html.
Manitoba Horse Council Number *
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Horse's Name *
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Shavings must be purchased from the park - $9 *
CCHRA Membership (not required for this show, but respectfully requested)
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Registration Fee - $50
Includes 2 schooling runs and one Jackpot class.
Classes - One included, extras are $10 each *
Friday, May 7
Ring 3 available after 6 PM for a drop-in fee - $10
Saturday, May 8
Free ring time until 10 am
Schooling runs from 10 am to 1 pm
Two runs/horse
Additional runs if time permits
Proof of Equine Vaccinations is required *
Contact Tracing for Designated Participants/Volunteers
Not including the Rider
to be taken at the show
I have read the rules and guidelines on the website listed above, and will check there again in the days before the show for updates. *
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Once you submit, you will get a link (which is long) and if you save it (Favorite, Bookmark, copy page, etc.) you can EDIT this Entry Form if you want to make changes. Please do that rather than submitting a 2nd entry for the same horse, if possible. Thank you!
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