Hunger Action Congregations Covenant (PWR version)
*** As disciples of a loving God who inspires us to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God, we commit to faithful action to end hunger and address its root causes. ***

The purpose of the Hunger Action Congregation process is to --
(1) acknowledge and celebrate the faithful work of Presbyterians happening around the country to alleviate hunger and end its causes, and
(2) to encourage these ministries to be even more holistic and justice-oriented.

STEP 1: FORM A HUNGER ACTION TEAM (if you don’t already have a similar team or committee to steward this work)

Gather church members – including children and youth – who are passionate about addressing hunger, poverty and related injustices, and meet periodically to examine and grow the church’s practices in this area. We would also encourage a member of your Hunger Action Team to join the Presbytery's Hunger Action Network! Contact Laura VanDale in the Presbytery office for more information.

There are two levels: 1 - Covenanting and 2 - Certified

1 - COVENANTING: If you are doing hunger-related work in one or more of the six areas (see below), check the activities you are currently doing. Be sure to invite children and youth to participate. You can submit the covenant anytime, and September 15 is the annual deadline so the Hunger Action Congregations can be announced in time for World Food Day on October 16.

You will be recognized on the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) website as a Covenanting Hunger Action Congregation for three years. PHP will communicate with you periodically with updates, opportunities, and stories from other congregations to encourage you to increase or broaden your hunger ministries into other areas.

2 - CERTIFICATION: If you are doing activities in all six areas, after submitting the completed Covenant, you will be certified for three years as a Certified Hunger Action Congregation and will receive a certificate to post in your church. You can renew certification by describing a new area of work or by submitting a story about your work for publication on social media and for possible use in the PHP Post justice journal. We will send you a reminder before the three years have expired.
Ending Hunger and Its Causes: Six Areas

1. Hunger Alleviation: providing and/or sharing food in a dignified way with an eye to long-term structural solutions
2. Development assistance: addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty through equitable and sustainable development
3. Hunger Education: learning about systemic causes of hunger, leading towards faithful action that is informed and directed by directly affected people and partners
4. Lifestyle Integrity: adopting sustainable personal and corporate lifestyles to restore justice and protect all of God’s creation
5. Corporate and Public Policy Witness: advocating and campaigning for changes in policies and practices to end hunger and its causes, promote self-development, and care for creation
6. Worship: looking at the biblical and theological grounding for hunger and poverty work, and incorporating prayer, education, and preaching about ending hunger and its causes into worship

***THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Open this document -- -- in a new tab to find hyperlinks for more information about the items in all of the sections below***

* If you have questions, ideas, or comments, contact PHP at or (800) 728-7228 x.5832, or Laura VanDale at or 216.307.2086.

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