Now Scheduling Custom Covers: May-August 2021

Thanks so much for your interest in my work! Going forward, I will no longer be scheduling custom covers further than 4 months out. Instead, I will be accepting requests in 4 month increments. This form is for scheduling May-August 2021. Please read all information below before applying.

Gold Package: $999
Includes: Up to 3 revisions. Client isn't responsible for stock photo searching.

Gold Trilogy Bundle: $3199
Includes: 3 Gold Package covers, 3 Paperback covers, Marketing Bundle, 3D Box Set

Silver Package: $499
Includes: 1 revision. Client selects the primary stock photo(s).

Silver Trilogy Bundle: $1799
Includes: 3 Silver Package covers, 3 Paperback covers, Marketing Bundle, 3D Box Set

For these custom covers (Silver and Gold packages), I will be accepting requests up until a month before the scheduling block. In this instance, that means this form will accept applications up until April 1, 2021. After that time I will review the applications.

Clients with ongoing series will get first priority in my scheduling, and any space that's left over will be filled with new projects. I will select projects based on what I believe is the best fit for my style, and will do my best to work with both new clients and existing clients. However, I am taking less work than I used to, and it's likely I will not be able to work with everyone who applies. If you aren't selected this time, I encourage you to try again in the future.

This does mean I will have a strong preference for projects that fall within the scope of the sci-fi/fantasy genres, particularly urban fantasy. Other genres will not be excluded from consideration, but are not as likely to be selected because frankly, I'm just not as efficient at designing them.

Once I have reviewed all the applications (which will be on or near the first week of August), I will reach out to those whose projects have been selected for scheduling and work with them to schedule within that block of time.

If your project is selected, there will be an order form sent out that secures the space on my schedule. This order form will include a selection of cover package and optional add-ons, a questionnaire for book information, and a NON-REFUNDABLE 10% deposit. The full payment will then be due the day before our start date.

Because space is so limited, those who are approved must fill out the order form within 7 days of receipt or may forfeit their slot. This includes paying the deposit as well as filling out the questionnaire.

I'm so sorry that I won't have space on my schedule for everyone who applies. If you'd still like to get a cover with me, I encourage you to apply for a Custom Premade cover (details and link in my Facebook group). These have become a large portion of my business recently. If your heart is set on a Custom Cover, I encourage you to apply for future scheduling blocks.

A new form will be up some time after this form closes for the next scheduling block, January-April 2021.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the related post in my Facebook group. As this is the beginning of a new system, there may be some small adjustment period as I work within this new system. I appreciate your patience, and I look forward to hearing from you all!
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How many covers will you need for your series? Please list the deadline for each cover. Please note that if you have a longer series, all of the covers may not be able to be scheduled within this scheduling block since space is limited, but you will have priority scheduling for series continuation covers for future scheduling blocks.
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