Welead OC 2020 Candidate Questionnaire
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Thank you for your interest in seeking Welead OC's Endorsement. Welead OC is dedicated to engaging, educating and empowering Progressive Democratic women of Orange County, especially Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities in our County. *
Candidates seeking Welead OC's endorsement that have not gone through the 3 weekend/6 day candidate/political development training program must first join Welead OC's PAC prior to consideration. First-time ever candidates: $25 and for OC's Veteran Candidates: $40. Contribution link to join Welead OC's PAC as a first-time candidate/veteran candidate - Click here: https://weleadocpac.nationbuilder.com/first-time_candidates_veteran_candidates_join_welead_oc_pac *
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What is your fundraising goal? What have you raised to-date? What is your current cash-on-hand. *
What is the campaign's overall budget? *
What percentage of your budget will be dedicated to your field operation? Briefly describe? *
Will your campaign accept corporate PAC money? *
What percentage of the funds your campaign raises will come from individuals? *
Are elections in your city At-Large or District-Held? *
If applicable - Campaign Manager *
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In what Congressional District do you reside? *
In what State Senate District do you reside? *
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How long have you been a registered Democrat? If you registered within the last five years, please provide the date you registered. *
Welead OC ("WE" = "Women Empowered") is dedicated to empowering Progressive Democratic women in Orange County by engaging and educating through training. Welead OC's mission is to build a backbench of Progressive Democratic women candidates, women campaign professionals and activists, thereby increasing the number of elected Progressive Democratic women in our County.  Welead OC's primary focus is Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities in Orange County. The next series of questions are designed to specifically address the structure of your campaign as it relates to Welead OC's.
Briefly tell us your story. *
Were you encouraged/asked to run for office or did you decide to enter the race on your own? Briefly describe. *
List three reasons why you are running for office. Briefly describe. *
Briefly describe what sets you apart from your opponent(s) and why you believe you are the best candidate. *
Why are you seeking Welead OC's endorsement? Briefly describe. *
List endorsements you have received to date. *
Briefly describe what you believe women candidates bring to the conversation. *
Briefly describe why you believe it is important to to bring more women into the political arena? *
What are the three top issues of concern to voters in your district? *
What is your position on equal pay for equal work. Briefly explain your position. *
SB54 - California "Sanctuary State" which would legalize and standardize statewide non-cooperation policies between California law enforcement agencies and federal immigration authorities. Over the last six months, city councils around the county have brought the issue of SB54 into chambers.
Briefly describe your position on SB54. *
If SB54 was brought before your city council, would you publicly declare your support/opposition? Briefly describe. *
Candidates for School Board: Please describe your position regarding Charter Schools and your opinion as to its affects on Public Education. *
A homelessness crisis currently exists in our County and throughout California, which has opened up conversations and policy recommendations covering a broad range of solutions. The issue has proven to be complicated and far-reaching. Briefly describe your views regarding the current homelessness crisis in Orange County. *
Briefly describe what you believe are sound solutions to the issue. *
Orange County is undergoing one of the worst housing crisis in the last 2 decades. What is your definition of "affordable housing?" *
Briefly describe what you would propose as a solution to the current housing and affordability crisis? *
Are you in favor of repealing Costa-Hawkins? Briefly describe. *
What is your position as it relates to a "living wage?" *
Orange County has undergone a significant demographic change over the last 10 years, which is now home to a more diverse population. As-a-result, there has been a significant increase in discriminatory practices against a large swath of communities as well as a significant increase in hate crimes. Briefly describe your solutions to assuring immigrants, the LGBTQ community and other under-represented communities, the protections they deserve. *
Welead OC's candidate training program dedicates a significant portion to organizing and implementing a strong field/canvassing/volunteer recruitment and retention program. Welead OC believes a campaign's most effective strategy is direct one-on-one voter contact and a strong volunteer base. To that end, please describe briefly, your field program for the November 3, 2020 General Election?
Field Director - name and contact information. *
Volunteer Coordinator - name and contact information. *
What is your Win number? *
Briefly describe your field strategy? *
How many volunteers are currently with your campaign? How many do you anticipate needing between now and November 3, 2020 *
How often will your campaign canvass? Daily? Weekends? Combination of both. Briefly describe. *
Briefly describe your field strategy? *
Welead OC would like to applaud you for taking the plunge to run for office. As you know, the commitment you have made is enormously time-consuming often taking you away from your family, your personal life and time. We are grateful for your sacrifices. Win or lose you have made and are making a significant difference in our electorate and you are significantly changing the conversation for the good. You have our unwavering respect. Welead OC wishes you the very best in your campaign! Thank you!
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