Traveling Light Contractor Questionnaire
Hello! Thanks for taking the time out to apply for a therapist position at Traveling Light Counseling. To streamline the process and to be sure we are the appropriate match, please fill out this questionnaire. Thank You! Please email the Owner/Clinical Director, Yvette E. McDonald, your COVER LETTER and RESUME to
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First and Last Name *
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What is important about you as a candidate that doesn’t come across in a resume? *
Why did you choose the world of therapy? What was your favorite class in grad school? *
What made you decide to apply at Traveling Light Counseling? *
Are you fully licensed as a LCPC or LCSW or LMFT in the state of Florida? If other please explain with license number in the following question. *
License Number *
What role do you tend to take in a team: leader, listener, or flexible depending on the team? *
What qualifications do you think separates you from other candidates? *
Do you have previous private practice experience? *
If yes, please tell us about your previous private practice experience. *
What do you do for postgraduate training/CEUs? *
What do you do for fun? *
What's the best way for you to receive feedback and the worst way? How will I know if you aren't receiving feedback well / it's not feeling helpful or growing you? *
How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations? *
Why choose a group practice over going solo? *
What are your long-term goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? *
What is your niche or population(s) you feel called to help? *
Private practice is about getting your name out there. Becoming a go to person in your specialty area. Marketing is a big part of that. Tell me about how you feel about marketing and how you plan to let the community know you are here. *
Are you available to work (seeing clients) at least 12-25 hours per week? *
What is your general availability? *
What type of schedule are you looking for? *
Our practice has a collaborative when the opportunity so presents itself. We focus on helping community by way of marketing, networking and providing community speaking engagements. Are you comfortable with this? *
Our clinicians are able to work independently and follow directions easily. Do you feel comfortable working independently and being able to follow through on scheduling your existing clients, taking copays or payment, keeping notes accurate and timely, responding to emails in a timely fashion and staying organized? *
Tell us about your personality. How would colleagues describe you? *
Do you have any questions for me? *
Thank you for taking the time to respond. We will reach out shortly if your responses are a good fit to Traveling Light Counseling.
If you haven't already, please email the Owner/Clinical Director, Yvette E. McDonald, your resume and cover letter at
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