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By completing this survey, you are assisting Spinal Home Help (SHH) to get a greater understanding of the needs of people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and their loved ones. Responses to this survey will be stripped of any identifying information and will be totally anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.
Responses to this survey will be part of a greater research effort being undertaken by SHH, to identify areas where support services can be improved and to see how people and their loved ones are being prepared for their discharge from hospital. This research includes the perspectives not only of people with SCI but of their family members and support networks as well; current patients and those already living out in the community alike are encouraged to participate.

It would be much appreciated if you could get your responses to us by the end of November (30.11.2017) so that we can take these submissions (minus any personal identifiers, for your privacy) to the Health Minister. However, this research will continue and this survey will remain open after that date; we encourage everyone to continue participating!

As a family member or close loved one of a person with an SCI, your role as supporter and carer is vital in their recovery. We would like to ensure that family and carers are given the support they themselves need to cope with this trauma affecting their loved one, and that you are prepared with all the information and encouragement you need to adjust to life after your loved one's injury. This survey will help us identify where to improve existing services for people with spinal cord injuries in Queensland and how to greater empower their loved ones for the benefit of all.

This work was produced in partnership with 180DC Consulting; Spinal Home Help would like to thank them for their help and hard work in putting together this comprehensive survey.
To find out more about Spinal Home Help and our work for people with SCI and families - by people with SCI and families - please visit our website or find us on Facebook and Twitter.
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