Houston Specialty Clinic Patient Satisfaction Survey
Following your visit, please take some time to help us to improve. Stress the positives. Or, Offer constructive feedback so we can improve. This form is hosted on our, medical quality, protected Google site. Your responses are considered private. Please consult our office privacy practices for details.
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Did your doctor / PA explain things is away that was easy to understand?
Did the doctor / PA listen carefully to you?
Did you talk with your doctor / PA about any health problems or concerns?
Did your doctor / PA give you easy to understand instructions about taking care of those health problems or concerns?
Did your doctor / PA seem to know the important information about your medical history?
Did your doctor / PA show respect for what you had to say?
Did your doctor / PA spend enough time with you?
How much time did your doctor / PA spend with you?
How much time did the medical assistant spend with you after the visit?
Compared to other specialist practices, tell us about YOUR OVERALL SATISFACTION WITH our practice.
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