NPJFC 2017 Game Reporting
Please use this game form to report all game scores. ALL Reports are due by 11 P.M. SUNDAY FOLLOWING GAMES.
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Who was the visiting team for this game?
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9) Were Players Certified before game? *
10) Was a player/coach disqualified? *
10a) If yes, which player/coaches was disqualified, player/coach name, team and why?
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11) Were all players eligible? *
11a) Player/coaches ineligible, team name, and why?
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12) Evaluate the REFEREE *
*Referee is located in the offensive backfield.
12) Evaluate the HEAD LINESMAN *
*Head Linesman is located on the visitor sideline; manages the chain crew.
12) Evaluate the LINESMAN *
*Linesman is located on the home team sideline
12) Evaluate the UMPIRE *
*Umpire is located in the defensive backfield.
12a) If you graded a referee BELOW AVERAGE or UNACCEPTABLE, please explain why.
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