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--------------------------------------WHY COMMUNITY PRIDE IN CENTRAL OHIO--------------------------------------
At Stonewall Columbus’ 2017 Pride parade, several community members stepped out into the street with the intent of bringing public attention to the lack of safe spaces for Black and brown LGBTQIA+ folks within the larger LGBTQIA+ community. Within one minute of leaving the curb, the group was accosted by aggressive CPD officers, who assaulted them with bikes, pepper spray, and sheer force. During this altercation, four folks––all Black trans and queer individuals––were arrested. They have become known as the #BlackPride4.

Despite hosting the parade at which this altercation occurred and claiming to be an advocacy organization “for all” LGBTQIA+ people in Central Ohio, Stonewall Columbus not only failed to aid the #BlackPride4 after their arrest, they refused communication with them and their supporters, resisted public calls for change and resignations, and, finally, testified for the prosecution in the #BlackPride4 trials of Wriply, Kendall, and Ashley.

Stonewall Columbus’ gross failures to protect and support the #BlackPride4 and all queer, trans, and intersex people of color (QTIPOC)––as well as their refusal to condemn CPD’s actions or police presence at Pride––makes it necessary to provide an alternative Pride celebration FOR the community BY the community.

In solidarity with the #BlackPride4’s initial message, Black Queer & Intersectional Columbus and its partners are organizing a celebration which centers QTIPOC and those at other intersections of oppression, takes no corporate sponsorship, and outrightly fights against state-sanctioned violence.

--------------------------------------WHAT COMMUNITY PRIDE LOOKS LIKE--------------------------------------
Columbus Community Pride 2018: Back to Our Roots will take place from June 1st–16th, 2018. With celebratory and educational events ranging from dance parties and documentary showings to invited speakers and art shows, we hope to highlight the vibrant lives of QTIPOC and communities at other intersections of oppression. Community Pride will culminate in the Columbus Community Pride Festival on Saturday, June 16th, which will include performance and visual artists, arts & crafts, a community resource fair, and more. We are raising money so that every Community Pride event, including the Festival, will be FREE to attend.

We are committed to bringing Pride back to its radical roots, highlighting movement leaders such as Marsha P. Johnson, QTIPOC history, and the legacy of protest instead of bending to corporate and state interests. Our Pride will not be for police and will be free from the capitalistic influence of corporate sponsorships. Rather, it will be a grassroots effort in support of the seeds of Pride: a community-based coalition which furthers the safety and liberty of the most marginalized in our communities. Pride started as a riot. Let’s uproot the weeds of white supremacy, corporate interest, and collaboration with state-sanctioned violence and return Pride to its original radical legacy. In order to grow the promise of liberation for QTIPOC in Central Ohio and beyond, we must create space outside of white, cis, ableist corporate Prides. It all starts at the roots.

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--------------------------------------HOW TO GET INVOLVED--------------------------------------
We are looking for individuals, organizations, and vendors to help make Columbus Community Pride 2018 happen. We are in need of individuals and groups to volunteer to help both coordinate and execute all events associated with Community Pride, ranging from opens mics to art shows to invited speakers to dance parties to the culminating festival, in addition to joining our street team, education team, or fundraising team. We are also accepting applications from community organizations who provide services to the communities we hope to serve--QTIPOC and those at other intersections of oppression--to offer their services at our community resource fair and provide volunteers. Lastly, we are looking for small businesses to vend at the Festival. You will find more detailed information on the respective individual, group, and vendor pages.

Please fill out this form for either yourself, your organization, or your business (note: if you'd like to fill it out for more than one of these, please submit separate forms).

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