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Thank you for your interest in the inside sales position with Fisico Inc. Please fill out the form below so that we can learn more about you. Due to the high volume of candidates, we will not be able to personally respond to each application. We will be in touch with a handful of candidates that most closely match the position requirements and we thank everyone for their time and interest in the position. We use a personality assessment for all prospective and current team members. It is provided by Culture Index and it helps us better understand individual personalities including communication styles, work styles, etc. It is a short 10 minute survey with no wrong and right answers. It is not a test, simply a picture of who you are as person. It doesn't measure intelligence, work ethics, skills and others. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions as best you can:
Did you complete the Culture Index Survey described above? *
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How many years of experience do you have working from home? *
Have you worked from home as a sales representative for at least two years? *
Have you worked in a call center environment and if so, please provide details (how many years, role, etc.) *
What do you like most about sales? *
Please describe your experience interfacing with customers via Email (be as detailed as possible; i.e. platforms used, nature of requests, etc.): *
Please describe your experience interfacing with customers via phone (be as detailed as possible; i.e. inbound or outbound calls, sales calls, nature of calls, etc.) *
How is/was your performance measured at your current or most recent position? *
Please describe your home office setup/work environment: *
What is your availability (days, hours of the day)? *
What shifts from the ones listed below would work best for you? *
What kind of term would be ideal for you (e.g. short term, long term, etc.)? *
What kind of compensation are you looking for including base and any bonuses? *
Do you currently work anywhere else? If so, where? *
Do you have any prior commitments in the near future that might prevent you from being on time or require you to be absent? *
When I speak to your previous employer, how do you think they will describe your work ethics? *
What is your biggest weakness and how do you plan to overcome it? *
What is the biggest decision you've had to make in the past year? Why was it so big? *
Who is the smartest person you know personally? Why? *
What do you think of the well-known adage, "The customer is always right?" *
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