Security Industry Survey
Welcome to Ireland's first security industry survey. We at Security Operative will use this survey to highlight issues and concerns from within the security industry to the public and to the relevant statutory bodies. The survey will run for a number of weeks and we hope to gather as many replies as possible.

We would appreciate your participation in the survey. All of the answers are given anonymously and we do not gather any data which could identify you or your employer from the answers. The final survey will be published on the security operative website once complete and will be circulated to various media outlets and statutory bodies for consideration.

There are a number of sections to the survey:
Section 1: Generic information about you and your role in the industry.
Section 2: Pay and benefits
Section 3 Working conditions
Section 4: Training
Section 5: Door supervisors only
Section 6: Retail security only
Section 7: Static security only
Section 8: The future of the security industry

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance.

1.1 What area of the country do you primarily work in?
1.2 What Private Security Authority licences do you hold?
1.3 What sector(s) do you currently work in?
1.4 What gender are you?
1.5 What age group are you in?
1.6 How many years have you worked in the security industry?
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