Website Development Questionnaire
Dear Client, in order for us to give you an accurate quote, we would appreciate if you could fill out this form to the best of your ability. This is primarily for the benefit of our website designers and developers, so that they can get a good grasp of the creative brief at hand and this will help them determine how long it will take to complete the website development, which in turn will dictate the cost. Thank you for your help and we are really looking forward to hopefully working with you!
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What is the name of your company that we are designing for? *
What is the purpose of the site? *
Do you need a logo or do you have an existing one? *
Have you registered a website/URL/domain name? Do you wish us to include domain registration in your quote? *
Have you registered a hosting account? Do you wish us to include hosting registration in your quote? *
Do you want us to include an SSL cert in the quotation? *
Please note, all modern website MUST have an active SSL cert which enhances security and google rankings and is mandatory for all e-commerces websites and websites that have booking function.
What is your business's unique value proposition? *
In other words, why should clients invest in your company rather than other competitive companies?
Who is your main target market? *
For example, their age, gender, where they typically live etc.
Who are your top three competitors? Can you also include links to their website for reference in your reply. *
What elements/functions/design aspects do you like or dislike on their website? *
List at least three websites you like in terms of design and why? *
Please include links to these sites.
Are there any colours you would prefer to use for your site? *
If you have a brand/logo the colour scheme for this would ideally be used in your website.
Do you plan to sell anything through your website? Do you need an e-commerce platform to handle products/shopping carts, customer accounts, discount codes, and payment processing? If yes. please specify below. *
If the answer to the above is yes, please include breakdown of products you will be selling and most importantly how many products do you plan to set up on the website initially. If there are different categories required please also specify these as best you can.
Is there any other added functionality required from the new website, such as booking forms or calendar functionality? *
List the pages/tabs/buttons your site will consist of. We require a list of the proposed page names *
For example most websites will have pages such as homepage, about us, what we do, shop/products, contact us etc.
Will this website design be a complete overhaul with a new design, structure and features or is it simply an updated look for your current site? *
Please specify your reply in as much detail as you can. If it is an updated look for your current site, please include a link to your current website in your reply so we can reference your website.
What key pieces of information should be available on every single page of your website? *
For example, call now button, contact us now button, phone numbers/emails or any other important information that relates to your business.
Will your site pages need to announce that they use cookies per some countries’ requirements? *
Will you need people to log in on the site either with a username and password or by using social logins? *
If so, please describe why this is required and what the functionality is. In other words why will the user need to login and what do they need to do once they login?
Will you need to support multiple languages on your site? *
Do you have an existing content management system you prefer or would you like our suggestions on the proper CMS? *
A content management system is a functionality on your website that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content and pages for updating your website.
Do you have photos and visuals to use for the site that can be used for commercial purposes or should we budget for stock or custom photography? *
If answer to above is no, do you want us to include photography costs in your quote? *
Please note, if you wish to deal directly with a photographer we can recommend one for you if you wish/need.
You will be required to supply the copy and content for your website before we begin your website project. This will need to be supplied ideally in word document format. The supplied text content should ideally be written in a manner that promotes good SEO practices. If you need some help in writing this text, please specify below and we can include a portion of the overall budget towards employing the help of a copywriter who is skilled in writing copy specifically for websites. *
SEO relates to search engine optimisation - the copy/ text that you supply should be written in such a way that helps your website rank better in google organic searches. This is achieved by writing unique copy for your business or product by including key words and locations that relate to your business. (You should never cut and paste text/copy from other websites as google will delist or de-rank you for this)
Do you require additional SEO services to be included in the quote for your website? This is completed by our SEO partners who can help you achieve page one ranking in google organic searches. *
Do you require the addition of a Google Ad-words campaign for website? *
It is highly advisable for all NEW websites that you consider an introductory Google Ad-words campaign as this will help your website get ranked in Google organic listings much faster in the long term. New websites can otherwise take up to three or four months for Google to rank.  
Do you require Facebook/Social Media Ads campaign? *
These can be ideal if you are selling physical product or service on your website to generate new leads.
Do you require a Strategic Marketing Plan/Evaluation for your business/website? *
Having a Strategic Marketing Plan is critical if a business is having difficulty marketing their business or needs help with direction on marketing, budgeting and planning for the business. If the answer is yes to the above, we would then relay our strategic marketing partner to you directly and once they have discussed your requirements with you we can include their fees in your quote.  
Do you understand that your new website will require ongoing maintenance to keep your website functioning and running optimally? *
Website maintenance is critical to ensure your website functions correctly and ensures all of the plug-ins and hardware on your website is kept up to date. Please note, it is not mandatory to carry out the maintenance with Designwest this can be done directly with any developer of your choice but please understand that non-maintenance of your website will most likely lead to either your website being hacked, inability of your site to perform its functions or as in some cases being taken offline by the hosting company because it poses a security risk to other websites on the server. It can also lead to Google delisting or de-ranking the site because infected sites are flagged by Google.
Please give us an overview of your overall wishes for the new website and what you hope it will achieve for your business. *
Have you any other questions or queries you would like us to answer in relation to your website?
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