Volunteer To Help With National Festival
The Technical Advisory committee appreciates you volunteering to help at the National festival.

The local volunteer coordinator will be organizing other workgroups, scorekeepers and timekeepers.

Expect communication from him or a committee chair about planning meetings you need to attend.

The contact information you provide may be shared with others to help facilitate Festival Planning efforts.

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About Volunteering
Ko Dan Ja only

Dans only

Students and non-students can serve in these roles.
Ring side seats for those who serve as ring assistants during National competition!

Score Keepers, Time Keeper and Ring Assistant volunteers are essential to execution of the National Festival competition divisions and we invite you to volunteer. Serving as a ring assistant is a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to experience the action up close and personal as you get to know those who come through your ring throughout the day.

Where else can you meet and interact with so many members in one day while also helping provide them with a rewarding experience at the Festival?

Ring side! That's where!


Various committee duties are listed on the wiki.

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