Self Evaluation
Self Evaluation: If you were to give yourself a mark out of 10 in this class so far based on the criteria below, what do you feel you honestly deserve?


- How frequently you ask + answer questions, and give your opinions/perspectives in class discussions and debates.
- Your participation in small group / partner discussions - do you always contribute? Are you talking the full time on topic?
- If you are in a French class, are you always making an effort to speak in French?
- You are always respectful to others, including your peers and teacher.
- Your overall effort / interest demonstrated in the course, both on assignments and in studying.
- No unexcused absences or lates.
- You are always here on time, with appropriate supplies and books, and assignments done on time.
- You are always on task / not sleeping or doing work for other subjects
- You are not distracted by your phone or using it for social media, instagram, video games, etc
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