ROPECRAFT Homebound: Halloween Presenter Application
Weekends in October 2020. Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12 pm CST to 12 am CST. We will work together to find a time that works for your life.

This application is for established and relatively new kink presenters to join us this October! We hope to make this accessible and host folks who share our rope interests and mission to make the world a smaller, warmer, knottier place this year. There is a space in this application for special considerations (like needing help with a/v needs or honorarium for a sitter or caretaker for several hours for your other responsibilities etc.). Generally speaking, the folks who are most successful at online presenting on kink topics are either a. kink presenters with established courses who are taking those into an online environment, b. folks who are educators in online or other environments who are branching out their kink interests and skills into kink presenting, or c. folks who are some combination of any of those OR who are working hard endlessly practicing their online class that they have always wanted to teach to their cat/roommate/mirror already or wanting to.

ROPECRAFT Homebound started as a way to employ our Chicago 2020 presenters from our cancelled event, give our vendors some business and create a social space for folks who might be needing one during a long, lonely, stressful summer. We charged a modest ticket price and included the entire event stretching four weekends. We were able to cover honorariums for our presenters for our 24+ classes, help with event costs from cancellations and storage and also raised money for several important registered non-profit social causes and one kink-specific activist group as well.

As an event, what we’re trying to do with Homebound is to create kinky social spaces to hold everybody over until it’s possible and advisable to hold events in person again while not being totally sure how long that will be. There have been several recent losses felt our community relating to hardships specific to this year and that is several too many. We plan to keep ticket prices pandemic-level low and create things to look forward to for folks. This means to us $30 regular tickets, $20 hardship tickets, volunteer opportunities and complimentary tickets for BIPoC folks in financial need (covered by a combination of event funds and efforts and several presenter honorarium donations from our last online event). We have up to 15 of those so if you're reading this and know someone who could use one, please spread the word if it feels appropriate.

Classes were 90 minutes long and ranged from 100 folks at the highest end to more like 30-50 on average for each class or event with a total crowd of around 250 folks including presenters, guests, performers, staff, volunteers and folks who earned tickets for donating to BLM-related organizations, bail funds for protestors or similar causes. We thought we would have around 20 things in total and ended up closer to 30 with extra content and folks wanting to teach who heard about us after we started. We had a few attendees from all over the world and many folks we hadn't seen in ages due to various life circumstances. It was our most diverse and inclusive event by any metric we have ever measured by and we were so proud to pull it off and humbled by the support we received.

The majority of the money earned by this event is distributed to our presenters and performers and social causes. We do also cover our own costs and are building up resources for the uncertain future if we can. As thanks for your joining us, we can offer for sure a $100 honorarium per class taught and that amount may increase based on number of tickets sold through the course of the event (so please tell your friends!).

Please answer all of the required questions to the best of your ability and the optional ones as you prefer. Applications are processed on a rolling basis and dependent on a number of both hard and soft factors!
In general, we are most likely to hire you for one class or series of classes and are hoping to share the microphone and choose a combination of folks we know and also folks we haven't worked with for a Homebound yet.

Please note that if you plan to have a co-presenter or demo partner whose information you would like us to share along with yours, you need to remember to include their information on your form here OR encourage them to submit their own information separately. We will not be able to accommodate last minute changes or additions under most circumstances.

If you have any questions or anything changes in your application, please write us at!
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