Wholesale Partner Application Form
To protect our wholesale partners, all pricing is confidential until you have been approved as a wholesale partner. 

We are looking for partners who will add value to the supply chain for both consumers as well as our production partners.

Details about buying from wholesale can be found at

A non-refundable application fee payment is required before your application is considered. Optional consultation also available:

With your application fee, an e-gift card will be issued. This e-gift card can be used to buy at both retail and wholesale prices. If your application is not approved for some reason (for example there is a strong conflict with an existing partner, or we are unable to provide the proper documentation for formal commercial export to your country), you may use this e-gift card as a retail customer.

Company billing / shipping address info can be provided when you order.
We will contact you within a week of receipt of the application.
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Company Name *
If you are still in the planning stages without a company name please write "planning".
Business Registration *
Business registration, import license registration, organic certification registration, and any other relevant registration numbers. Please confirm with your country's customs office as to the necessary licenses needed to import food, organic food, etc. If you have not yet obtained the necessary registrations, please write "planning".
What is your DUNS number? (Especially for USA clients)
The DUNS number is a company registration number often used in trade. This is particularly frequently used in importing to the USA. You can register for one for free here: - it may not be necessary, but it is helpful to have to prevent delay in customs processing.
Contact Person Email *
Email of the person in charge of placing orders on
Contact Person *
First Name / Last Name of the person in charge of placing orders on
Contact Person Phone Number *
Phone number of the person in charge of placing orders on
Business Description *
Please describe your business in detail. Are you primarily selling wholesale to other tea companies or restaurants? Do you have your own tea brand? Do you have your own tea shop? Are you selling solely online?
Do you already have a website? What is the URL? *
Business Establishment *
When was your business formally established? If you are still planning, when do you plan to register your business?
Country of Operation *
To which country will we ship your procurement orders? To which countries are selling (if you are then re-exporting).
Business Scale *
What is your current annual revenue? If you are still planning, what do you project your annual revenue to be in your first and second year? If you have not planned this out, please do so before we contact you. An example of planning your cashflow for an online store can be found at
How do you plan to market the products purchased from *
We try to limit the potential for direct competition among Yunomi partners. How do you plan to market the products you procure from us? Who do you plan to target? What branding or angle do you plan to take?
Check the following statements if they apply to your business. I am in need of the following:
Do you have experience importing food products to your country?  *
We are planning a paid monthly newsletter for tea professionals at a rate of 500 yen per month. Would you like to join? *
You will be able to cancel and sign up again at any time but signing up here will get you the first 6 months free. Planned information would be trends and statistics in Japan and around the world about Japanese tea and food, case studies about specific businesses / business models / products, and other info related to helping your business succeed. Launch is planned to time with the spring harvest in May.
Is there any type of information in which you are specifically interested?
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