Urban Ministry Survey for the Presbytery of San Jose's Commission
This survey is sent on behalf of the Presbytery's Commission for urban ministry in downtown San Jose. The Commission's task is to establish a base for ongoing urban ministry with the reinvestment of proceeds from the sale of the First Presbyterian Church of San Jose's property. In relation to their task, the Commission defines "urban ministry" as those programs of compassion that share the love of Christ by serving people coping with homelessness and poverty in downtown San Jose.

Your input is very valuable to our process. Thank you very much!
The Rev. Jenni Bales and Elder Carolyn Rosen
Commission Co-chairs

How old are you? *
What is your church affiliation? *
How many miles do you live from downtown San Jose? *
How many trips have you made to downtown San Jose in the past month? *
Based on the previous question, how many of those trips were for the following options: Business/work, Entertainment, Service, Other
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How comfortable do you feel visiting downtown San Jose? *
Not comfortable at all
Very comfortable
If a trusted friend invited you to try out volunteering at a downtown San Jose “urban” ministry, your response would be: *
On a scale from 0 - 10, how have your relationships and connections deepened through serving with others?
Not at all
Deepened a lot
Based on the previous question: are you seeking greater connectivity?
Have you been on a multi-day service/mission trip? *
What organizations in downtown San Jose have you served with previously?
How much of a priority is it for you to financially support urban ministries directly in addition to your church's mission giving?
Do you prefer serving face-to-face with care recipients or serving in a support role?
How is God calling you to respond to the needs of people coping with urban homelessness and poverty in San Jose?
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In reference to the previous question, how can the Presbytery help support you in your calling? 
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