SATOVITO Membership 2023

  • SATOVITO members benefit through existing networking opportunities with other members as well as leading industry practitioners and prospective clients.

Organization Participation:
  • Invited on SATOVITO member meetings and events
  • Involved and participating on SATOVITO organizational matters
  • SATOVITO authenticated
  • SATOVITO certificate for your company (Premises or vehicle)

Market Access:
  • Online and digital market platforms
  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Intra-Trade platforms
  • Including the SATOVITO certificate or logo on your establishment or on your marketing material provides you better recognition in the industry as SATOVITO affiliate.
Lobbying and Advocacy:
  • Strengthen institutional framework between all levels of Government and South African townships and villages.
  • Advocate for township and village tourism stakeholders especially the indigents groups.
  • SATOVITO offers workshops on product development, packaging and inclusion on the tourism value chain.
  • An opportunity to trade amongst SATOVITO members across all 9 provinces, including Southern African Countries.

  • SATOVITO provides meeting platforms, events, reports and updates on member issues, as well as engage key industry stakeholders. 

Discounted Rates:
  • SATOVITO members receive special rates on SATOVITO negotiated deals

SATOVITO Professional Standards:
  • Members are able to practice high standards, offer quality products and professionalism through our workshops and toolkits.

Membership Requirements:
  • Operating directly or indirectly in the tourism industry.
  • Full completion of the membership form
Engage with Tourism Stakeholders:
  • National Department of Tourism (NDT)
  • South African Tourism (SAT)
  • Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA)
  • Culture Art Tourism Hospitality and Sports Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA)
  • Department of Arts and Culture (DAC)
  • Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA)
  • Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA)
  • Airport Company South Africa (ACSA)
  • Provincial Tourism Authorities
  • And other
Standard Membership and Banking Details:
  • Standard Membership Fee: R500
  • Bank: FNB
  • Account name: SATOVITO
  • Account Number: 62932023518
  • Reference: Name and Surname

Silver Membership: (Coming 2023)

Gold Membership: (Coming 2023)

Platinum Membership: (Coming 2023)


All Members of SATOVITO (hereinafter referred to as Members) shall comply with the Association’s Code of Conduct as hereunder:

2.1       Aims:

2.1.1     To ensure that users of our services, product or offering receive these at the highest quality as possible.

2.1.2     To maintain and uphold the dignity of our customers, the industry, our clients and stakeholders.

2.1.3     To strive, in the best possible terms, to enhance the reputation, good standing and good name of the association and its members.

2.1.4     To encourage development and growth of the industry without compromising the quality of the tourism sector nationally and provincially.

2.1.5     To strive to provide services within internationally accepted good practice.

2.2       The Honor:

2.2.1     To service, diligently and without fail, to satisfy the needs of the clients, consumers, customers, associates and stakeholders.

2.2.2     To help tourist experience the best of what we can offer as a country, attraction, destination and service.

2.2.3     To help our beloved South Africa to grow and develop. 

2.3.      Spirit of the Code of Conduct:

The SATOVITO Code of Conduct serves as a regulatory document for members in relation to each other, the association and the users of the services provided.

It is designed to be the point upon which we grow the confidence of our users to our association and the industry.

It recognizes diversity of religion, race, language, culture, creed, sexual orientation and other aspects that make the human race a diverse being

The Code of Conduct embodies the spirit and letter of the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

The member recognizes that the association can use the Code of Conduct to enforce discipline and promote standards and practices of the highest quality.

3          Rights and Recourse of the member of the user of services:

3.1       The member shall always be friendly and courteous.

3.2       The member shall make every effort to make the user of the services comfortable and enjoy the services rendered.

3.3       The member shall take every step possible to assist the user/traveler, even though not in his/her direct care, not to be in harm’s way.

4          Dedication to user/Traveler: 

4.1       The member shall always, without fail, communicate accurate information to the user of the services.

4.2       No member shall present, in whichever way possible, false information to users of the services.

4.3       Cancellation, alterations and amendments to quotations shall always be communicated with the user and agreement shall be reached prior the provision of services.

4.4       Cleanliness and comfortability of the offering and mode of transport shall always be of highest priority.

4.5       No shows, upon a confirmed booking, constitutes the highest violation of the association’s Code of Conduct and shall amount to discipline against the member and request for blacklisting.

4.6       Quotations shall always be made in the South African rand and when quotations are made in a foreign currency, the exchange rate at the time of the quote being received by the user shall apply.

4.7       In case of major emergencies, such as death of the service provider, illness or any such, amounting to the services to be rendered impossible, alternative arrangements, within reason, shall be made to alleviate the inconvenience to the user.

4.8       The member shall not talk ill of the country without necessarily being untruthful.

4.9       Transactions and details of the user of the service shall be treated with confidentiality.

4.10      Members shall report any illegal activity.

4.11      Members shall refer all unresolved complaints to the association for mediation.

4.12      Members shall refrain from using the media to tarnish the image of the association, its fellow members, the tourism industry and their customers, clients, associates and stakeholders without undue facts.

4.13      Members shall act as ambassadors of the Republic of South Africa. 

4.14      Members at all times must adhere to the Tourism protocols for health and safety and customer satisfaction.

5          Recourse against non-compliance:

SATOVITO, recognizing the development state of the small to medium size tour operators, brokers and agents, undertakes to assist members to fully comply with the provisions, policies, regulations, legislation and by-laws that affect them. 

6          Relation with other members:

6.1       Negative competition is always discouraged by SATOVITO.

6.2       SATOVITO views bad mouthing another member for business as bad business.

6.3       Member shall treat each other with fairness, collegiality and respect.

6.4       Competition among members is always encouraged, so is collaboration among members.

6.5       Members shall report any illegal user, defined as a non-member or non-renewed member, of the association’s insignia, logo, by-line/s, intellectual property or reputation even though such use is not to the damage of the association and its members.

7          Commitment to development:

SATOVITO wants to ensure that the industry remains open to all those who are interested in entering. By achieving this, SATOVITO plays an important role in the transformation of the industry and broadening its operation base. Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in South Africa and SATOVITO is confident that its members can create jobs, alleviate poverty and make a significant contribution to the economy of South Africa.

8          Duration of membership:

8.1       Membership is valid for a period of 12 months from date of processing of application.

8.2       Membership shall be invoiced to member at expiry of current membership period.

8.3       SATOVITO shall anticipate renewal of membership unless an indication to the contrary is made in writing.


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