Post Growth Entrepreneurship - 8-Week (Online) Incubation Program Application
Post Growth Entrepreneurship (PGE) reframes business as a form of activism, art, spirituality, and creative expression. This business model embraces flat growth curves and rejects the need for investors, scaling, and exits. PGE questions entrepreneurial "common wisdom" and re-envisions business as a vehicle for pure positive impact.

Join this bootcamp to actively apply Post Growth Entrepreneurship to your own business endeavours.

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Who are you?
Folks with business ideas who don't entirely fit into the "Silicon Valley"-style startup incubation programs. You want to optimize for positive impact, and are looking for like-minded peers and mentors to walk this path with you.

Who are we?
Nonprofit Ventures is dedicated to supporting the Post Growth Entrepreneurial community. We do so by:
1. Supplying academic materials to universities and business schools
2. Organizing events, community, and mentoring for (aspiring) post growth entrepreneurs
3. Training existing businesses and charities to co-create the PGE ecosystem

Details of the online PGE incubation program:
Dates : Q1 2022: Jan 11-Mar 1 (Tuesdays), 3-7 PM CET - 8 weeks
Venue : Zoom
This event will be hosted online due to COVID-19.

Contact :
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