Student Computing Device Contract

Students who are issued district-owned equipment must agree to the following guidelines:

I pledge to treat the device issued to me with respect. I will operate it by following all school guidelines as stated in the Grainger County Schools' Responsible Acceptable Use Policy.

I accept responsibility for using the device at school and outside of school hours.

I pledge to hold the device carefully, to open and close it gently, and to have it under my physical control at all times.

If a sleeve or case is provided, I pledge to keep the device issued to me in the school approved computer sleeve, zipped up, while transporting.

I pledge to honor my 1:1 commitment by not loaning out the device or cord to another student unless I am asked to by an authorized adult.

I pledge to keep food and drinks (including the water fountain) away from the device.
I pledge to use the device with clean hands.

I pledge to keep the device on my workspace, never leaving it unattended on the floor and never placing it on the edge of my desk.

I pledge to care for the screen by not stacking books or other objects on top of the device; I will not close the lid with pens/pencils/other objects on the keyboard.

I pledge to use email appropriately and remember that my emails are monitored. I have no expectation of privacy while using the device.

I pledge that I will only use school-approved software and programs (no unapproved games from home).

I pledge that, at the end of the day, I will restart the device and plug it in to charge.

I understand that my parents/guardians and I are responsible for costs associated with loss, damages, or theft of the device.

I pledge that if the device is lost, stolen, or if any problem arises with the device, I will immediately notify my teacher.

I pledge that I will only use the device assigned to me and will keep my hands off another's computer unless asked to assist.

I agree to return the device, charger, and sleeve to school in good working condition at the conclusion of the school year (or if I withdraw from Grainger County Schools).

I understand that the device can be taken and inspected at any time and that failure to comply with any of the guidelines and policies may result in suspension of my use of the computer.

As a parent:

I pledge to review the Student Computing Device Contract with my child and support him/her in following the pledge.

I understand that my child's ability to use and have access to technology is imperative for his/her future success in today's job market; therefore, my child will receive my full support in their academic endeavors.

I understand that my child 's device must be returned to Grainger County Schools at the end of the school year (or upon his/her withdrawal from the system). The device should be returned in good condition and in good working order. One exception is with seniors. The school system with give seniors their device upon graduation pending their signed agreement with the school system that absolves the school district of all liability with the device.

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