ECBA Scholarship Application - 2021
Instructions: An ECBA scholarship is a gift, not a loan. Candidates will be notified of their selection of award by June 15th and will be invited to attend our annual picnic on July 11, 2021. Checks payable to the applicant will be sent to the home address listed above upon successful completion of the fall semester after the scholarship is granted. If you are awarded a scholarship, you must email or send a copy of your fall grades on your school’s letterhead or similar official documentation to the scholarship committee. This application is confidential. The only information released is the name of the scholarship recipients and their college of choice.

This online application must be completed by the applicant and is due Sunday May 30th, 2021. All letters and your grade transcript should be received by this date as well. Late applications may not be considered. To apply, compete this form completely. In addition to the form below, you should request a letter of recommendation be sent to the Scholarship Committee via the following email address:

Please provide information to your _recommender_ about the scholarship you are applying for, and about yourself, which will help them write a good letter for you, and give them the deadline. Check in with them the week before to remind them to send it. NOTE: For recommenders, you should choose a teacher, school counselor or advisor, or employer who knows you well (and is not a relative of course!). Finally you should obtain a copy of your most recent grade report and send that to the “scholarship” email above to complete your application. Please include applicant name and ECBA in subject line of emails.

Please re-read these instructions.

Craig M. Story, Chair,
Scholarship Committee 2021

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Provide an estimate, to the best of your ability, of the cost of your college expenses. Please list it by tuition, room and board, and books. *
Paragraph #1 of 4: Please provide the name and address of the college you plan to attend. What year do you expect to graduate? What is your planned course of study? If undecided, list fields you are considering. How might your intended career relate to beekeeping? *
Paragraph #2 of 4: We want to get to know you a little. Please list your activities, including school-related clubs, community service, sports, music, hobbies and other interests. What activities are you most passionate about? *
Paragraph #3 of 4: Are you a member of ECBA? Are you a relative or friend of an ECBA member? Describe any of the ways you or a family member have participated in ECBA? *
Paragraph #4 of 4: How do you plan to finance your education? Be as specific as you can about costs, personal and family resources, and your anticipated need for financial assistance. Are there any special circumstances that will affect your costs or need for assistance? If so, explain. *
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