WrocMUN 2016 - Delegate Application
Honorable Future Delegate,

You are entering the registration for WrocMUN 2016. The very special 20th edition of the session will take place between 23nd and25th of November 2016 in Wrocław. 22nd of November will serve as an additional day of the conference during which you will have a possibility of attending workshops that will help you improve your upcoming performance as a delegate.

Since the conference is organized non-profit, you will be soon asked for paying the fee for the conference. This year's fee is 150PLN, and in does not cover the travel and accommodation expenses,

This is a single delegate application. If you want to apply as a delegation, you have to start with inventing a name for it (e.g. the Wonderful Delegation of LO V in Wrocław). Try to be creative in order to prevent your delegation from being confused with a different one (e.g. the Delegation of LO V in Wrocław). Afterwards each member of your delegation, while applying individually, has to type the chosen name in the section titled "Delegation" in the registration form. The delegation can contain up to six delegates. If you wish to come to WrocMUN 2016 with a supervisor (a legal guardian), the registration form for such person can be found on our website. Don't forget to inform your supervisor about a chosen name for your delegation, since they will also be asked for a name of you delegation in the supervisor application form.

In this very delegate application form you will be asked about you committee preferences. Thus we highly recommend getting acknowledged with possible committee and country choices. All the information about those is available on our website.

The registration for WrocMUN 2016 will be closed precisely on 23.10.2016, 11:59pm
Please, keep in mind this date and remember that the sooner you apply, the greater are the chances of being allocated to the position submitted as the most preferred one.

In case of any problems do not hesitate to contact with our Delegate Support via dswrocmun2016@gmail.com.

Good luck and see you on the conference!


The Secretariat

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