Jane's Walk Winnipeg 2019 Submission Form
Use this form to register your Jane's Walk on the official Jane's Walk Winnipeg website. Before filling out the form you should create an event using Eventbrite so that people can sign up for the walk and you can keep track of how many people to expect.
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What is the title of your Jane's Walk? *
When will your walk take place (beginning to end)? Jane's Walk Winnipeg 2019 takes place Friday, May 3 to Sunday, May 5 so make sure to choose a time within those dates. *
Give us a short write-up about your walk -- where you will go, what you will see, what makes this walk special, why you are hosting this walk. *
Upload a photo to represent your Walk. If you do not have a photo that is your own to use, you can search for copyright free (creative commons licensed) images at search.creativecommons.org/ *
Paste the Eventbrite link to your walk here. People will be able to link to it from the main Jane's Walk website and sign up from there. This will help you keep track of attendance.
What is the meeting place for the walk? Be detailed if necessary. *
List the stops you will make on your walk.
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