ÀLA.HAUSSE BETA Early Access Pre-Screening Form (5 mins if you focus ;) + READ Our EndNote!
HELLO #HAUSSEPEOPLE! Welcome, to ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Ecosystem (www.alahausse.ca).

You are here, because you are intrigued and have a creative fashion eye for all things wonderful and, possibly into helping the environment and aids fashion sustainability.

A Very Special First Members of 100 fashion loving local Toronto/ CA individules( Male + Female + Others ) in the areas of Creatives/ Fashion Lovers/ IG influencers/ Stylist/ Fashion Students will be invited and selected throughout the pre-screen/ interview process. YOU, will set the tone for our about to launch a digital fashion platform as the lead ÀLA.HAUSSE scene starters in Toronto & Canada market.

We hold high integrity and accountability for our first starters as a group of like-minded fashion trend starters and aligned visionaries in creatives and fashion sustainability. Not only will this ensure positive behaviors in the platform, but it also allows us to grow towards healthy and passionate longevity.

Doing so will help our ecosystem and your community grow in a best-curated way with like-minded individuals. We will be screening your answers and contacting you via email/IG for an individual video interview before the onboarding process in Jan-Feb.

We appreciate your interest and passion for fashion and sustainability with ÀLA.HAUSSE throughout the process.

www.alahausse.ca/ IG@ala.hausse

*By signing in this form, you agree to allow ALAHAUSSE to collect your email and answers, Privacy & our Terms and Conditions. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR TORONTO/CA USERS ONLY. For more details see website https://www.alahausse.ca and, follow our grid show preview and stories on IG @ ala.hausse.
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What draws your EARLY interest to become a part of ÀLA.HAUSSE Fashion Ecosystem? *
What area of interest/ passion would you bring to our community? Anything such as: Share my cool designer piece for rent/ offer niche items for sale to our peers/support and be a voice for circular economy & slow fashion consumerism :) *
FOCUS required here #HAUSSEPEOPLE! What type of items eg. (dress/ bag/ shoes/perfumes even), would you personally want to sell/ buy/ rent on the platform? pls elaborate your most wanted item for each trade variety. ( input it as if i am selling, id sell a DRESS. If i am renting, Id rent a BAG. If I am buying, Id buy SHOES) *
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Are you aware of the current fashion carbon footprint and sustainability-related topics/ movement? *
Once you get selected, what would make you smile even more? :) :D *
Thank you for your interest. We will be accessing all of your answers, and contact the earlier 1st batch of best-fit candidates via email/ IG DMs for the next round of Interviews/ Instructions/ slack channel invite. Say around Feb/March. Do not worry if we do not contact you at that time if you apply during the later months and we go through our 2nd round of assessment, you will be inputting into our 2nd batch of priority invite list and wait for our instructions once we are ready for 2nd assessment period. Meanwhile, follow our IG account @ala.hausse and use Direct Tagging: @ala.hausse / #HAUSSEPEOPLE to help us fast track the selection/ onboarding and future collabs process, and to receive upcoming news. See you soon #HAUSSEPEOPLE and don't forget to #WEARYOURPURPOSE!
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