Please fill in all blanks. If one person fills more than one role, please indicate as appropriate. All changes to this form must be in writing and be signed by the official unit delegate.
● Official Unit Delegate: receives correspondence, attends association meetings, votes for the unit, and is the first point of contact on business matters.
● Alternate Delegate: can represent official unit delegate without further written notice.
● Financial Delegate: Each member unit is required to inform the RMCGA at the time of application of the name(s) and address(es) of its financial representative(s). Its financial representative shall approve any and all financial transactions involving a unit. This representative can be the same person as the official unit delegate for meetings, receipt of communication, etc. RMCGA requires an official representative who can authorize transactions.
The appointment of a new financial representative by a member unit must be in writing, signed by the appropriate member of the governing body of that unit, and presented to the President of the RMCGA, who will provide the staff with that information.

Email Address: All unit information will be posted on www.rmcga.org. Emails are sent regularly to provide updates.
Annual Association Fees

For 2020, please choose one of the following:
● $900 – First Unit from a school/organization competing in Regional A, AA, A, Open, and World Classes. Includes Music Licensing Fee, WGI Denver Regional Registration and administration fee.

● $750 – Secondary Unit from a school/organization or any unit who is based more than 150 miles from Denver, Colorado competing in Reginal A, AA, A Open and World Classes. Includes Music Licensing Fee, WGI Regional Registration and administration fees.

● $550 – Cadet/Novice/Middle School/Senior Member, includes Music Licensing Fee and administration fee.
The membership voted for RMCGA to become a member of both BMI and ASCAP music licensing organizations in 2010; the cost to belong to these organizations is now included in your membership dues. Membership with these organizations allows RMCGA to legally play performance music and also filler music.
* If your Performance Bond is not current, you must add $50. For questions please contact the Treasurer. All second units from a school/organization must pay the Performance Bond.

** In order to be considered a second unit from an organization – RMCGA must receive a letter from the director of the primary unit stating this unit is a feeder group.
Please remit this application with a check, payable to RMCGA, to the association treasurer, Danniell Isaac, no later than December 1. A late fee of $100 applies if received after Dec 15 (new units are exempt from the late fee). If your unit is active in bingo, your fees will be transferred on Dec 1.
Please note that membership fees are nonrefundable once paid.

Please send to the following:

Mail Signed Copy to w/ Check:
Danniell Isaac / RMCGA Treasurer 5172 Jasper St, Denver CO 80239
720-775-0109 / danniell.isaac@gmail.com
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