East Central 2021 Fall Game Reschedule Request - PLEASE read the information below before filling out this form
This form is NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE the process of both team's coaches/team managers working together to reschedule a game. If you have not already been working with the other team, please DO NOT fill out form.

Before filling out this form, both parties should have come to an agreement that:
1) The game in question can/will be reschedule from its current time, and
2) Both teams have agreed on several possible dates for the new game.

The Home team should also be working with their own club's field person to make sure that a field is available for the possible dates. East Central will then coordinate with the two teams and the district referee assignors to determine the final Date/Time of the new game and make the update in the schedule

Thank you,
East Central Soccer District

Please enter the following information about yourself and the person from the other team you may be in communication with
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