Getting Ready for U.S. Study​: Virtual Pre-departure Orientation 2021
Are you preparing to study in the United States this Fall 2021? Congratulations on this great achievement! You’ve made it to Step 5! Preparing for your departure is the final step to Your Five Steps to U.S. Study.

We would like to invite you to our virtual Pre-departure orientation session series during the month of July 2021.

The orientation sessions will provide you with information and resources on adjusting to campus environment, how to make the most of academic and non-academic opportunities, academic systems and expectations, housing, and much more. This is a great opportunity to virtually meet U.S. university representatives and other students who are also headed to the U.S. as well as alumni; and to have all your questions answered about your new adventure!

Please complete the following form and we will contact you with further meeting details.
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