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In the Weeds will be hosting two book clubs for our community! There will be two different groups - nonfiction and fiction. The nonfiction group will primarily focus on books/articles/podcasts related to the industry/management/operations in order to advance knowledge and understanding of an ever-changing industry. The fiction group will be a great way to escape from the everyday challenges that we so often deal with. This is great for the mind to relax, to open up imagination, and gain new ways of understanding (and obviously so much more). Books will be limited to 250 pages in order to keep momentum going within the group. The groups will be self-governing in a sense, as each group will have different dynamics. That being said, we will be present for guidance and support! You may look at the outline/timeline of how this will work by following the link here => We are excited to roll out this program and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Blaine via email - or cell/text - (608) 425-0084

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