Volunteering for Celebrating Singapore Shores!
What is Celebrating Singapore Shores!
The Singapore marine community joins in the celebrations of International Year of the Reef! In 2018 and hopefully, the years beyond. Celebrating all our shores: from mangroves to seagrasses, rocky shores to reefs, even our living artificial shores!

ALL are welcomed to volunteer with Celebrating Singapore Shores!

We are starting a mailing list for those keen on getting updates on volunteer opportunities.

Can ordinary people volunteer?
YES! Everyone who cares about our shores is welcomed to help in celebrating our shores. Most activities do not require prior experience or knowledge.

What can I expect?
*Learn more about Singapore's shores, marine issues in Singapore and the community passionate about them.
*Meet like-minded volunteers.
*Have fun!

How do I get involved?
Register your interest in this form. Your email will then be added to the mailing list so that you can be updated on volunteer opportunities and sign up for them.

Where can I find out more?
Check out our blog
And our facebook page

More questions, suggestions?
Please indicate them in the form below.

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Ria Tan

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