KALMUN 2020 International Court of Justice Application
This form is for those who are applying as a judge, advocate or as to serve in the ICJ Presidency. Deadline for Advocate and Judge Applications is 20th of April, and 30th March for the Presidency.
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Grade *
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Previous MUN Experiences *
Please list your MUN-related experiences and held positions in reverse chronological order. (Year - Conference - Committee - Position)
Which positions are you applying for in the International Court of Justice? *
If you are considering to apply as an Advocate, please specify a name if there is anyone you want to be paired with.
If you are not accepted in the International Court of Justice, would you like to be allocated in one of the Specialized Agencies? *
Motivation Letter (min. 250) *
Describe what you can contribute to KALMUN 2020 and why you wish to participate in the International Court of Justice.
You may insert link(s) to some of your previous MUN/ICJ works for us to get to know you better. (e.g. Memorandum, Verdict, Chair Report, Resolution)
You may use Google Drive/or other upload links. Even though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.
Do you require a visa letter to attend the conference? *
Are you planning to stay in a hotel throughout KALMUN 2020? *
If your answer is “Yes”, do you want to be informed about the hotel options by our Executive Team?
Are you a vegetarian? *
Special Conditions and Requests
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