Matheny's IB Exam Attendance--3rd Hour 2019
In an attempt to keep you learning, I seek to know when will I have a mostly full class of students to work with during IB Exams this year. Please take the following survey. Thanks!
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Fri, May 3: PM--Business Management SL/HL Paper 1; no exams AM *
Mon, May 6: AM--Business Management SL/HL Paper 2; no exams PM *
Tues, May 7: AM--Music SL/HL Paper 1; PM--History HL Paper 1&2 *
Wed, May 8: AM--History HL Paper 3; no exams PM *
Thurs, May 9: No exams AM; PM Biology HL Paper 1&2 *
Fri, May 10: AM--Biology HL Paper 3; PM--Psychology SL Paper 1 *
Mon, May 13: AM--Psychology SL Paper 2; PM--Math, All Levels, Paper 1 *
Tues, May 14: AM--Math, All Levels, Paper 2; PM--Japanese B All Levels and Mandarin B All Levels Paper 1 *
Wed, May 15: AM--Japanese B All Levels--Paper 2, Mandarin B All Levels Paper 2, and Math HL Paper 3; PM--Economics SL Paper 1 and World Religions Paper 1 *
Thurs, May 16: AM--Economics SL Paper 2 and World Religions Paper 2; PM--LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE HL PAPER ONE!!! UNSEEN-PASSAGE COMPARATIVE COMMENTARY (like your semester one final exam) *
Fri, May 17: AM--LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE HL PAPER TWO (just like your semester two final exam); PM--Physics HL Papers 1 and 2; Sports Exercise Science SL Papers 1 and 2 *
Mon, May 20: AM--Physics HL paper 3 and Sports Exercise Science SL paper 3; PM--Computer Science SL/HL Paper 1 and Environmental Systems SL Paper 1 *
Tues, May 21: AM--Computer Science SL/HL Paper 2, Computer Science HL Paper 3, and Environmental Systems SL Paper 1; PM--Spanish B All Levels Paper 1 *
Wed, May 22: AM--Spanish B All Levels Paper 2; PM--Chemistry SL/HL Papers 1 and 2 *
Thurs, May 23: AM--Chemistry SL and HL Paper 3; PM--French B All Levels Paper 1 *
Fri, May 24: AM--French B All Levels Paper 2; PM--No exams *
Knowing Matheny is going to launch into a paper 1 review session after we finish paper 2, what else--specifically--would you like me to teach you to prepare for the IB exams, or more largely, for reading and writing in post-high school life? Thanks for a great year so far! A bit more to go!
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What is your favorite snack day food?
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Who has provided the best snack day in our class this year thus far? (I will provide an award for the winner. [One name or a team of names that brought one snack-day spread will be considered.] Brief and well-written reminiscences about what that epic snack was will entertain your teacher and make the presentation of the award more humorous.)
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What is one fun fact about you I haven't gotten from knowing you in class yet? #schoolappropriate
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What are your plans for next year?
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What Films* would might enjoy analyzing as a class during our exam days? (*no Disney, other cartoons, or films I might have to watch as a parent of a nine-year-old daughter; something artful and intellectually stimulating that will broaden our collective worldview, please)
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