Request for American Sign Language Tutoring Services
Please submit one registration form per student.

Upon receipt of this form, you will receive a confirmation email stating your tutoring request is being processed. Mr. Dally will also contact you to schedule your online session.

50-minute online sessions cost $40 or $25 per half hour (minimum charge) PLUS additional half hour fee for Tutor preparation time; this prep fee is due prior to appointment and is non-refundable. Following the tutoring session, remainder amount due will be invoiced.

Late Arrival Policy:
Session fee and Tutor prep time are calculated into the tutoring schedule and no adjustment will be made for time lost because of late arrival by the student. Student who arrives late will only be tutored for the remainder of the scheduled session.

No Show Policy:
Student who is not present at the agreed upon time when Tutor arrives or who are more than 15 minutes late are considered no-shows. Student that misses one session can reschedule once, within 7 days, without an additional prep fee charge. If they no show future sessions, they will forfeit that session and will be invoiced the full scheduled amount.

Cancellation Policy:
No prep fee reimbursement is made for session cancellation. Student will be allowed one session reschedule for cancellation without an additional prep fee charge - if arranged within 7 days. Additional cancellations will be invoiced full amount.
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