Application for Fiscal Sponsorship 
If your project is interested in having Social Justice Center provide fiscal sponsorship, we request that you provide us with the following information:
  • Description of the project
  • Project purpose, goals, and beneficiaries
  • Expected timeline and life span of project
  • Project team and structure
  • Fundraising plans and methods
  • Project budget
  • Capacity to achieve the purpose
  • How the project evaluates results and measures success
  • How the project is aligned with the mission, values and work of SJC
  • Project Supervisor/point of contact
Each question has additional information explaining what we're looking for, but there's no minimum or maximum for responses. Answer the questions in whatever way you think best explains your project -- if a sub-question doesn't apply to your project, feel free to leave that out of your response. 
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Email *
Project description *
In a few sentences, summarize the work you do and what this project is about
Project purpose, goals and beneficiaries *
What is the overall purpose of this project? Sometimes referred to as "mission" or "aim"

What specific goals do you have for this project? Sometimes called objectives or outcomes, we're looking for some specific things you hope to achieve that are observable or measurable. 

Who are the beneficiaries? By this we mean, who will be positively impacted by this project? Describe the people (or animals/natural environment) you hope to help with your work. Include as much info as possible - are there specific populations (identities, sets of lived experiences, challenges they face etc.) this project will benefit?
Expected timeline and life span of project
Please describe the project's time frame, including the following info where applicable:

Duration: how long will this project last? Is this an ongoing effort with plans to continue indefinitely or is this a short-term/temporary project with a defined end point?

Timeline: are there any deadlines or milestones coming up? Are there different phases or steps you need to achieve along the way towards your ultimate goals? 
Project Team and Structure
Tell us about the people that make this project happen and how you're structured. 

Include, if applicable, answers to the following questions: 
  • Is the project "incorporated" as a cooperative or other entity or is this an "informal" group or people working together? 
  • Does your project intend to become its own 501c3 nonprofit 
  • What is your decision process like? How is your group governed?
  • Does the project have any paid staff or consultants or hope to hire some in the future?
  • How do you determine who's "on the team"? 
Fundraising Plan and Methods
How do you plan to raise money? Examples include: grants, individual donations, contracts, events, subscriptions, peer-to-peer/crowdfunding etc. 

Do you have a fundraising goal, i.e. an amount of money you hope to raise? 
Project Budget
How much money does your project already have? 
Is there an amount you need to get to cover your expenses? 
How do you plan to spend the money - what kinds of items/costs/expenses?
Capacity to achieve the purpose *
How the project evaluates results and measures success *
How will you assess if you've met your goals?
How the project is aligned with the mission, values and work of SJC *
In a few sentences, explain how this project is aligned with the Social Justice Center's mission, values and work? 
Project Supervisor or Point of Contact *
Include the names and emails 2-3 people who will be our points of contact 
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