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BC Witchcamp will be held Sunday, Aug 26, to Saturday, Sept 1, 2018
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BC Witchcamp Contact List
After Witchcamp we send out a list of everyone's names, email addresses and the cities they live in so everyone who was at Witchcamp that year can stay in contact. If you DO NOT want your information shared with other campers after Witchcamp, please check this box.
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Are you planning to stay in a cabin, or outdoors in a tent, truck or RV? *
This gives us a sense of how many beds we still have available in the shared cabin spaces if we start to get close to capacity.
FOOD: Please check off what you CAN'T eat:
We strive to accommodate all campers' diets, but this is an evolving process, and we advise anyone with severe dietary limitations to bring food to supplement the meals provided. Note that the cost of preparing specialized meals (anything other than omnivore or vegetarian) drives camp costs up, so please make your food selections based on physical need rather than preference.
Are any of the above potentially life-threatening? If so, which ones?
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Do you have anything further you would like us to know about your specific needs around food at camp?
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PATH: Indicate the path you feel most interested in at this point. *
Final decisions will be made on the first day of camp. Please see the full path descriptions for skill and prerequisite information.
BCWC is moving to an online ride coordination program. Information on this will be available in early July.
Useful skillset
Priestess skillset (ie. ritual, musical, artistic)
If you have ritual experience, have been to Witchcamp before and are interested in helping to priestess the evening rituals, this is the place to let us know. We will compile and give this info to the teaching team pre-Witchcamp, which they will use as a resource while planning the rituals. Examples include trance leading, ritual drumming, aspecting, guitar.
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MARKET (vendors only; there is a 13% tithing of all income, which supports our scholarship fund). Check whatever applies:
Bringing your own table is STRONGLY encouraged, as there is a severe table shortage – email Prism at gnomeprincess@hotmail.com if you are unable to bring your own table.
FAB SWAG! Order your fab swag with our magical logo (still a mystery, but being created as you read this). Your item(s) will be available for you when you get to camp. Please indicate colour and sizing in the next answer box. You can have a look at what's available here: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AJ4W2bYUYp6yiDI&cid=E79D3F7DB195E2B3&id=E79D3F7DB195E2B3%216076&parId=E79D3F7DB195E2B3%211047&o=OneUp
Please indicate any colour and sizing options for swag :
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Please calculate the total cost of all swag:
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Registration Fees
Full registration is $675-$950: CAN or US. Those paying their deposit by Beltane (May 1st) may pay at the 2016 sliding scale: $650-$900. Total payment due by July 30, 2018. If you are able, please pay the higher amount to keep camp solvent and to support campers with more restricted financial means. You are welcome to apply for financial aid if the bottom of the sliding scale is beyond your reach.
Payment plans and timelines
1. Pay the total registration fee at the time of registration, or
2. Make a deposit (minimum of $75.00 CAD or US; due when registering), and pay the balance with 1, 2 or 3 payments.

By mail, include post-dated cheques with your paper registration or after online registration, the final cheque to be dated
no later than July 30. Cheques must be postdated the 1st or 15th of the month. Note: NSF cheques will be charged a $15 fee and may result in being put at end of waiting list.

Please indicate your payment for camp registration ($675-$950 CAN or US):
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Please indicate the total value of your payment (camp registration plus all swag):
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Please indicate how you will pay: *
Method of payment *
Send E-Transfers to info@bcwitchcamp.ca. Cheques can be made out to BCWC and mailed to: BCWC, 304-109 Wilson St. Victoria BC V9A 0C4
Please indicate date and amount of any subsequent payments
Remember full payment is due by July 30, 2018.
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A $75 non-refundable fee will be applied to all cancellations. Cancellations received after July 31 will forfeit the entire payment if the camp is not filled. After August 12 there are no refunds, other than for exceptional situations. We encourage anyone needing to cancel to look for another camper to give or sell your registration to rather than asking for a refund.
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (for those applying for assistance only)
Please see the financial assistance page of the website, and the brochure, for more information. Need-based financial assistance is given on a first-come, first-served basis, until all available funds are used. It does not require any formal application beyond ticking the box below and indicating the amount you are requesting.

There are also scholarships offered by the Vancouver Samhain Spiral Dance community. See the BCWC website for more info.

Work exchange applications are due by June 1, 2018. To be considered, please fill in the long-answer question provided below. We are looking for folks who are energetic, versatile, team-oriented and reliable. You'll be expected to work on and off throughout the week at camp. Physical labour and/or heavy lifting is required for most but not all work exchange positions, so please let us know your comfort level with physical work. Work exchangers get a 50% discount on camp fees.

Are you applying for Work Exchange or Need-Based Financial Assistance?
How much need-based financial assistance are you applying for?
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If you are applying for Work Exchange, please tell us why you'd be a great candidate!
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