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Volunteering at Wass can be a great opportunity to meet staff, parents and students and perhaps gain new perspective on your child’s life at school. Consider your talents, interests, and how much time you can spend – there’s sure to be a place for you to help! Please check your area(s) of interest, and you will be contacted by the appropriate chairperson with more information, or send an email to wasspto@gmail.com. One form per family, please.
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PTO Committees
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Star Center Volunteer
Parents needed during the lunch hour (11:30-12:50) to assist students with schoolwork. Contact: Margaret Bujold (L.D. Resource Teacher) 248-823-3919
Parents needed to work in the clinic during lunch (11:30am – 1:00pm). Requires approximately one lunch hour a month. Duties include taking temperatures, applying ice packs and Band-Aids. A secretary is always available to assist you during your shift. This position does allow you to bring younger children with you. Chairperson: Liz Rossi 248-635-5827
Shelve returned library books and assist students with checkout of materials. Chairperson Ami Shah 879-2817
Parents to provide baked goods for special events during the year. Contact: Liz Rossi 248-635-5827 or Peggy Chinoski 248-879-1256
Art Assistants
Parents needed to help with various duties related to the art program. Contact: Sarah Clos 248-823-3466
Music Assistants
Parents to assist the vocal music teacher in the production of musical programs. Contact: Mrs. Kniseley (Vocal music teacher) 248-823-3900 ext.3279
Market Day
Parents to assist in the distribution of Market Day products one afternoon a month. Siblings are welcome. Contact: Lynn Giorgi 248-879-3998
Auction Helper
Parents are needed to plan and execute our spring fundraiser including soliciting donations, organizing materials and working on the auction committee.Dannette Hanley 248-250-6003
Milege Club
Mark laps as students run during lunch hour. Siblings welcome.
We are looking for dads willing to work around the school including: grounds, painting, building materials....Liz Rossi 248-635-5827 or Peggy Chinoski 248-879-1256
Science Night
Assist to plan our science fun night in January Liz Rossi 248-635-5827 or Peggy Chinoski 248-879-1256
Bingo Night
Assist to plan our February family bingo night
Parent Daughter Banquet
Assist to plan our parent daughter dinner in March Contact: Dannette Hanley 248-250-6003
Wass Family Picnic!
Our year end family party would love your help before, during or after the event. COntact: Renee Muter 248-879-0877
Ticker Seller
Sell event tickets to Wass students during the lunch hours. SIblings welcome. Liz Rossi 248-635-5827 or Peggy Chinoski 248-879-1256
PTO Officer or committee chair
Interested in getting more involved? Please check below if you are interested in serving on the PTO as either an officer or a committee chair. We will contact you as positions become available. In the Spring, we begin planning for the next year and we'll make sure you are involved. Liz Rossi 248-635-5827 or Peggy Chinoski 248-879-1256
Skills, Experience or Interests?
Do you have any skills, experience, interests that you would be able to share or are interested in? (Examples include: web design, landscaping, legal expertise, etc.)
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