Open Initiatives Trophy
With the Open Initiatives Trophy we want to give recognition to teams or individuals who have made efforts to promote Open Science with their peers and in their local communities. We want to give recognition to those unsung heroes of Open Science!

Do you know (or are you) someone who is involved in an initiative that has helped accelerate the adoption of Open Science? Then we would like to hear from you!

We'd love to learn about fresh new initiatives, but are also interested in the still going strong ideas.

The Open Science Festival programme committee will rank the submissions and grant a prize to the top three initiatives. The winners will be announced at the end of the online Open Science Festival on February 11th 2021.
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Why do you think this person deserves recognition for her/his efforts in promoting Open Science? Please provide some evidence of how this person's initiative has helped accelerate Open Science.
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You can of course nominate yourself! But it might be nice to nominate someone else who has inspired you to embrace Open Science.
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Links to additional information and indicators that shows the impact of the initiative.
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