FLite. Blogger Application

Blogger Manager: Alexandria Enchanted

•The Following are "SUGGESTIONS" from us to you on how to be selected and re-selected as a FLIite Blogger.

-Unique layout.- This is not as complicated as it sounds. We simply want you to be not only creative with your blogging style but creative with the look of your posts aswell. (however; we very much look for people who do minimal editing of our products, We do not want excessive shading or highlights on the product that are not there causing customers to feel "tricked or mislead" about the product they are purchasing.

-Tags: The use of tags is important for many reasons. This gives not only the blog manager (who absolutely will love you forever for using tags) an easier tool to search your blog for specific posts, but also for people searching your site and online.

-We love fun creative blogs. Your view count, over all design, and picture quality will be a basis for selection, but not the only things we base decision off of. Be creative and most importantly BE YOU!!! People enjoy blog's because they love seeing your style, taking it and making it thier own.-

Blogging Requirements:
• New Releases must be blogged within the month of their release (preferably ASAP)
• If Liam has not released anything within a month, at least one previous FLite item must be blogged within that month.

If you send a NC/Msg or otherwise contact Liam or Alex about your application, you will not be considered to blog for FLite.

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