Volunteering for 2022 Season of Mapping Historical Trauma in Tulsa, 1921-2021
Are you a student with a passion for the study of history, racial justice, and the material remains of the past? Mapping Historical Trauma in Tulsa, 1921-2021 (MHTT), a research project led by Dr. Alicia Odewale (University of Tulsa) and Dr. Parker VanValkenburgh (Brown University), will be conducting research on and nearby OSU-Tulsa's campus during June and would like your help!

MHTT will will be conducting an archaeological survey in select locations within Greenwood from June 13th to June 24th, 2022, seeking to document the remains of historic structures in the district. To expand the impact of our program, we are excited to provide free archaeological skills training to high school and college students in the greater Tulsa area. Over the course of the program, students will learn about best practices for archaeological data recording, field survey using high resolution GPS, the history of Greenwood, and approaches in archaeology to highlight both the documentation of anti-Black violence and Black resilience in the 20th century.

In total, we have up to 20 spaces available for high school and college students who are residing in the greater Tulsa area between June 13th and June 24th. Spaces are open to all but preference will be given to students from historically underrepresented groups, those with ancestral ties to the Greenwood community, and students with previous experience in archaeology. If you are interested, please fill out the following form by May 20th, 2022 and please don't hesitate to reach out with questions to alicia-odewale@utulsa.edu and parker_vanvalkenburgh@brown.edu.

Again, please note that this field school opportunity is specifically for high school and college students. The project will be hosting a community-day event at which we welcome all interested parties.

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